❄️My Hot Chocolate Mug -12oz.


🎄 "My Hot Chocolate Mug" - The 12oz Cup of Cheer! 🎄

Got a secret? We won’t tell! This isn't just any mug; it's the official holiday hot chocolate hideout. Made of pristine white ceramic, with merry rounded corners and a C-handle that fits your hand like a glove (a mitten actually, it’s winter after all!), this 12 oz. mug is your ticket to a sweet, chocolatey paradise.

It's the only mug that says, "I’m in the festive spirit, but also... this is MY hot chocolate, hands off!" Perfect for those who believe sharing is caring, except when it comes to their hot chocolate. Let's keep the holidays whisk-y, shall we?

🍫✨ Add a dash of humor to your holiday sipping and bring on the joy, one cocoa sip at a time! 🎅🏼🤫